Z O T B O Y S Never Die!

by | Aug 27, 2016, 2:50PM PDT

Recently, the Z O T B O Y S participated in a collegiate competition called the Overwatch Summer Series (OWSS). Not only did the Z O T B O Y S come out firing, they came out on top.

The OWSS is a North American collegiate competition hosted by Tespa. Over the course of six weeks, teams earn points based on how well they did.  Once the series finish, a final tally is recorded:

UCI leading the way with 105 points at the end of the 6 week series.

The Z O T B O Y S were able to finish with an impressive total of 105 points as well as placing first in four out of 6 weeks. One of the things UCI takes pride in is how our students are able to coordinate their play so effectively. However, in eSports there are always obstacles. We decided to ask Ryan Griswold, manager of the Z O T B O Y S Overwatch team, about some of the challenges they faced.

“Biggest challenge going in was definitely making a good team. I took applications for four weeks and tried out 16 of the almost 50 applicants before deciding on a team.”

Another challenge and memorable moment Ryan mentioned is facing UCLA in the second week of the series.

“We weren’t really sure about how we stacked up in the top 4 and got into a match vs. UCLA in the finals. We won first map, lost second, then went to the final round of a best of five to win it. That was kind of when we realized that we could beat every team there, and it was also a huge motivator for everyone.”


Seeing the Z O T B O Y S have so much ambition going into a new eSport is something we should be proud of as a university.

What are your final thoughts on Overwatch developing as an eSport?

“I’m really happy to see how it is. I think it has the potential to be a huge eSport. It’s got a lot of what people like in terms of mechanics and execution like in CSGO but has a lot of the team composition and CD usage strategies of MOBAs.”


The fact that Overwatch is new doesn’t take away it’s authenticity as an eSport. It’s exciting to see our students participate in collegiate events and knowing that they’ve been playing phenomenal serves as motivation for players here at UCI to bring their A-Game.