UCI Spring Intramurals Update – Week 2

by | Apr 26, 2020, 12:00PM PDT

Intramurals continued into their second week last Monday, with teams competing in earnest across 9 titles. 

Three of those titles—Scrabble, Overwatch, and CS:GO—held their first official matches this week, and competition for the championship title is now well underway.

Scores for this week’s competition, as well as updates for each league, can be found below.

Open for Registration

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (4/16 at 6 PM)

With the success of Week 1’s tournament, the TOs in charge of the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate intramurals have decided to open a second tournament for Week 3.

Registration is currently open, and will end April 28th.

In Progress

Starcraft II – Legacy of The Void (Mondays at 5PM)

With Week 2’s matches settled, players have cumulative scores of either 3, 6, or 0–having either won both of their best-of-threes, lost both of them, or won one and lost the other.

Pairings are slowly becoming more balanced as the Swiss system pits players of similar skill against one another. By the end of Week 4, seedings for the playoffs will be finalized.

This week’s matchups featured plenty of notable moments, just one of which is shown in the highlight clip below.

A clip from a match between FrozenFlame and Veritas.
Zonda vs. HYPER2K(2-0)
Veritas vs. FrozenFlame(2-1)
WattoizCool vs. Battletag(2-0)
Antis vs. TKD(2-0)

FIFA PS4 (Mondays at 5 PM)

After two weeks of competition, the FIFA PS4 bracket is starting to fall into place.

The losers’ bracket has been established, and with it, fierce competition to claim a spot in the grand finals this June.

For players vnadig, sealea, edgarh6, hlopezes, ddeorlow, seyedsis, and talebik, however, this week marked the end of the line.

Winners’ Bracket 

ksgeorge vs. desaidn (1-0)
acadena1 vs.bbucioco (1-0)
tylerag vs. ishaas1 (1-0)
ruihauz1 vs. cbatista (1-0)
gerardph vs. veaswara (1-0)
hshahdad vs. sadjads (1-0)
jtulin vs. bayrakca TBD
ajayns vs. rjecheve TBD

Losers’ Bracket

karlamg1 vs. vnadig (1-0)
swkaplan vs. sealea (1-0)
ifonseca vs. edgarh6 (1-0)
robledo1 vs. hlopezes (1-0)
gdeept (DQ) vs. ddeorlow (DQ) (1-0)
emodanes (DQ) vs. seyedsis (DQ) (1-0)
unals (DQ) vs. talebik (DQ) (1-0)

FIFA XBox (Tuesdays at 6 PM)

Winners’ Bracket

sylee10 vs. trbhakta(W-L)
shumayun vs. jhunter3 (W-L)

Losers’ Bracket

veaswara (DQ) vs. suselton (DQ)(1-0)
innadi vs. dgarcio(1-0)

Overwatch (Tuesdays at 5 PM)

The Overwatch intramurals started their season off strong with rounds between Wholesome Gamerz, Team of Rivia, KCM, Team Oatmeal, and Tomo no Kai.

The rounds were the first in a five-week round robin league that will continue through late May. Playoffs begin May 26th.

Team of Rivia vs. Wholesome Gamerz(2-0)
KCM vs. Team Oatmeal(2-0)
Tomo no KaiBYE
A clip from the match between KCM and Team Oatmeal.

Scrabble (Tuesdays at 6 PM)

UCI’s Scrabble intramural is this season’s only staff/faculty league. Eleven players are participating in the round robin league, which runs from April 21st to May 19th.

After the round robin phase is completed, the four top-scoring players will advance to a two-week playoff ending June 2nd.  

This week’s top-performing players are Wordster and Be Falco, with scores of 398 and 333, respectively.

RNishi vs. Be Falco(293-333)
C. BooCherry vs. Torressa(171-263)
Damian vs. Selena(248-237)
SCRABBLENATOR vs. MelGar(101-139)
Wordster vs. Tara(398-148)
pg13Reader BYE

League of Legends (Wednesdays at 7 PM)

After wrapping up its second week of competition, the League of Legends intramural series inches one step closer to its playoffs, starting May 20th.

Only one round remains in the league’s round robin phase, leaving teams a final opportunity to push ahead of their opponents and earn a spot in playoffs.

Group A Paca S vs. Purell
FMP vs. COVID-20
Group BYDC vs. NLR
TPS vs. Free Agent Team 2
Group C Tomo Mao Kai vs. Teemo No Kai
CKI T1 vs. Crackrity Crew
Group DSuper Sleep Squad vs. Zoot Your Zot
Eternal Atake vs. Aaa

CS:GO (Thursdays at 6 PM)

The CS:GO intramural league is following a Round Robin format. Teams compete in two best-of-one matches each week for the regular season, with the 8 highest-scoring teams advancing to playoffs. 

Some of the week’s highlights, as well as scores from both groups A and B, are shown below.

A clip from a match between Team AWPful and xXcloud6_9xX.


Sesh Hollow vs. For The Homies(W-L)
Tomo no CSGO vs. For The Homies(W-L)
Mark squad vs. CSGAMERS(W-L)
Mark squad vs. Sesh Hollow(W-L)
Tomo no CSGO vs. Flash Me Long(W-L)
African Rhinos vs. Tomo No CSGO(Forfeit L-W)


ConslePeasnts vs. Team WLTDO(W-L)
UCI Taekwondo vs. New Spice UCI(W-L)
Eco Warriors vs. xXCloud6_9Xx(W-L)
UCI Taekwondo vs. Team WLTDO(W-L)
xXCloud6_9Xx vs. Team Awpful(W-L)
Eco Warriors vs. New Spice UCI(W-L)

Magic: The Gathering Arena (Wednesdays at 6 PM)

Although a good number of matchups during Week 2 of the Magic: The Gathering Arena league seemed one-sided, almost half of players took a match off their opponent before being defeated.

As the Swiss phase of the league continues, and players become more evenly paired, this trend will likely continue.

MrGranadas vs Neems  (1-2)
M3RL1N vs. Scrubby (2-0)
jdawg899 vs.Cocanupples (2-0)
Maxattack  vs. Ulleseit (2-1)
QuantuMan vs. MRDewitt (2-0)
Kaboom vs. Syn_Invictus (2-0)
lolo vs. .dk (2-1)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (Fridays at 5 PM) 

Rainbow Six Siege follows a Swiss format similar to Starcraft II and Magic: The Gathering Arena. There will be a two-stage playoff.

The game is the season’s second-most popular, rivaling FIFA with a roster of 40 players split across 8 teams, whose Week 2 results are shown below.

Ant Killers vs. BF (1-0)
Tomo no Kai vs. stonks (1-0)
WhiteGive vs. For The Homies (1-0)
ENYO vs. Free Agents (1-0)