UCI Spring Intramurals Update – Week 1

by | Apr 19, 2020, 12:28PM PDT

Last Sunday, registration for UCI’s spring intramural leagues, announced mid-March, came to a close.

The following week saw six of nine leagues start their first-round matches, with Starcraft II and FIFA PS4 taking the fore on Monday evening. 

With so many games to follow, it might be difficult for the casual observer to get a handle on everything going on this season. In writing this series of updates, my goal is to reduce that difficulty by making important information about intramurals more accessible. 

Below, you’ll find relevant details about the events of IM Week 1, including current standings of players in all games and basic tournament formats.

In Progress

Starcraft II – Legacy of The Void (Mondays at 5PM)

The Starcraft II intramural league is following a four-round Swiss format. 

Seeds for playoffs, starting Week 7, will be determined from participants’ cumulative Swiss scores. So far, players have either a score of 3 or 0–earning points for each victory they claimed in their best-of-three bouts Monday evening. 

Updated scores for the first week of competition are shown in the table below.

Zonda vs. Antis(2-0)
Veritas vs. HYPER2K(2-0)
Saixiori vs. FrozenFlame(0-2)
Battletag vs. TKD(2-0)

FIFA PS4 (Mondays at 5 PM)

FIFA PS4 has adopted a double elimination league format, with competition extending from Week 3 to Week 10 of spring quarter. 

The FIFA intramurals are this season’s largest, boasting a total of 41 players across leagues in the game’s Xbox and PS4 editions. 

Scores for the PS4 league are shown in the table below.

vnadig vs. acadena1 (L-W)
ishaas1 vs. gdeept (W-L)
rjecheve vs. talebik (W-L)
unals vs. ajayns (L-W)
bbucioco vs. karlamg1(W-L)
tylerag vs. ddeorlow (W-L)
swkaplan vs. gerardph(L-W)
sealea vs. veaswara(L-W)
edgarh6 vs. sadjads(L-W)
ifonseca vs. hshahdad(L-W)
robledo1 vs. ruihuaz1 (L-W)
cbatista vs. hlopezes(W-L)
jtulin vs. dmercer (W-L)
hsingyh vs. bayarakca(L-W)

FIFA XBox (Tuesdays at 6 PM)

sylee10 vs. innadi (W-L)
dgarciao vs. veaswara (W-L)
sarafd vs. jhunter3(L-W)
shumayun vs. suselton(W-L)

League of Legends (Wednesdays at 7 PM)

The League of Legends intramural series is being played as a round robin league, with 16 participants split into groups of four for the duration of the regular season. 

The regular season consists of three rounds, played once a week on Wednesdays; playoffs will begin Week 7. 

Of note among this week’s matches was the battle between COVID-20 and Purell. Despite his best efforts—including a 99.9% win rate against germs and viruses—Purell faced defeat; only time will tell if he’ll bring it back in time to advance to the next round. 

The results of Wednesday’s matches are listed below. 

Group A FMP vs. Paca S
COVID-20 vs. Purell
Group B Free Agent Team 1 vs. YDC
NLR vs. Free Agent Team 2
Group C Teemo No Kai vs. CrackrityCrew
CKI T1 vs. Tomo Mao Kai
Group D Zoot your Zot vs. Aaa
Eternal Atake vs. Super Sleep Squad

Magic: The Gathering Arena (Wednesdays at 6 PM)

This season’s Magic: The Gathering Arena intramural is organized as a Swiss league with five rounds.

Each week, players face off 1-v-1 and are awarded points for every match they win in a best-of-three bout. 

At the end of the five-round Swiss period, the four players with the highest cumulative scores advance to the playoffs, which begin Week 8 and include a semifinal and grand final stage. 

The results of this week’s matchups are shown below.

QuantuMan vs. Ulleseit (1-2)
Kaboom vs. Maxattack (0-2)
Neems vs. BitterSweet (2-0)
jdawg899 vs. lolo (2-1)
Scrubby vs. MRDeWitt (2-0)
M3RL1N vs. Syn_Invictus (2-0)
.dk vs. MrGranadas (0-2)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (Fridays at 5 PM) 

Rainbow Six Siege follows a Swiss format similar to Starcraft II and Magic: The Gathering Arena. There will be a two-stage playoff.

The game is the season’s second-most popular, rivaling FIFA with a roster of 40 players split across 8 teams, whose Week 1 results are shown below.

stonks vs. Ant Killers (0-1)
Tomo no Kai vs BF (0-1)
ENYO vs. For the Homies (0-1)
Free Agents vs WhiteGive (0-1)


Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (4/16 at 6 PM)

The Super Smash Brothers Ultimate intramural is an outlier this season in terms of formatting. Instead of adopting a league format, the tournament organizers opted to host a single-day event, with all matches played in the span of an evening. 

According to reports from the head tournament organizer, Alvin, additional one-day tournaments may be in the pipeline as the quarter progresses. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but prospects look bright given the success of the first tournament. 

The bracket is illustrated below—congratulations to Nanonaitor for his incredible victory this week! 

On Hold

Overwatch (Tuesdays at 5 PM)

The first round of the Overwatch intramurals has been rescheduled for next Tuesday at 5 PM PDT. 

Scrabble (Tuesdays at 6 PM)

Scrabble is the only intramural league this season with registration limited to UCI faculty and staff. Registration is ongoing until midnight tonight, and the competition begins next week. 

CS:GO (Thursdays at 6 PM)

The first round of the CS:GO intramurals has been rescheduled for next Thursday at 6 PM PDT.