UCI Melee advances to Top 4 and Faceroll wins SSS 59

by | Jun 12, 2017, 10:00PM PDT

Congratulations to UCI (left to right: Maruf, Dollabillbill, Faceroll, DayQuil, and CDK) for taking it over Texas A&M becoming the Southern Conference champions and to Griffin “Captain Faceroll” Williams for winning Super Smash Sundays 59 defeating Bizzarro Flame in grand finals.

The Melee Games and SSS 59 were held at eSports Arena in Santa Ana and was streamed by SoCal event and production group, TeamOXY. Shortly after TMG and SSS had finished, Faceroll had an interview with Ve_Money, Vic_Ramen, and SSBMHulka.

The first interview was done by Ve_Money and focused on UCI’s performance, their thoughts on Texas A&M, and being a part of the final four.

UCI’s DayQuil (pictured) vs. TX A&M QuiteBallin

How does it feel for UCI to be the SoCal & Southern Conference champs?

It feels pretty good. It was a little nerve-racking because we’re missing a lot of our best players. We were missing Santiago, Luigikid and, CPU. We kind of started off weak. Bill and Connor played well after they warmed up.

What did you think of Texas A & M?

They’re good. They went to the UCI quarterly yesterday. They’re all super nice. I’m glad they came. They’re just so happy to play melee.

UCI’s Dollabillbill (pictured) defeated TX A&M’s QuiteBallin, Podgee, and took 3 stocks off of Kokaine

Are you hyped for top 4? Who’s on the A team? Who are you sending?

Yes! There is a national happening where the top 4 teams are getting flown out. I’m super hyped. I’m more relieved than anything. I’d like to beat everyone. I want to play UIUC because I know a lot of people who go there and I’m from Chicago. I think it’d be funny. The A team is Santiago, Me, Connor, Luigikid, and CPU.

After his interview with Ve_Money, Faceroll immediately had to jump onto the stream setup and start his first match for SSS. In the top 16 bracket, he had defeated Kramer and OkamiBW putting him up against Army, a player who he had lost to 7 times prior to this event.

After losing 2 stocks to Kokaine, CDK was able to take 3 stocks off of TX A&M’s JayWalker

Faceroll took it 3-2 over Army beating Bizzarro Flame in both winners and grand finals without dropping a set. The interview of the SSS 59 champion by Vic_Ramen and SSBMHulka proceeded after.

How happy were you when Bizz beat him (Army)?

I was playing Kokaine, who is a Texas Fox, and I turned around and Bizz was still there. That was convenient for me because I preferred to play Bizz.

Faceroll playing his first pools match for SSS

Can I talk to you about the Army set? What did you do different? Did you study up on spark and Laudandus?

There are a couple of things that I noticed Spark doing but I did not implement them. Spark is really good at jumping at them and then double jump bait, or jumping at them and sometimes he aerials. He’s also really good at the Druggedfox nair (neutral air) where you fast fall and then nair at the last second. I didn’t study it or anything. I watched those sets, but my main thing was feeling less pressure on myself to beat him.

Any shoutouts?

Shoutouts to UCI eSports, to everyone who makes this event possible, and also the TMG team.

Bizzaro Flame also had a few words for Faceroll after the interview.

Great games Faceroll. Definitely an honor playing you in winners and grand finals. Until next time.

Maruf waiting to play

Congratulations once again to Faceroll, Dollabillbill, CDK, DayQuil, and Maruf on their win over Texas A&M. Thank you all for your hard work. UCI eSports wishes all the players the best as they prepare to compete against the other 3 teams in the final four. Zot! Zot! Zot!