UCI at Winter GameFest

by | Mar 1, 2017, 1:00PM PDT

UCI’s League of Legends Blue and CS:GO Gold teams both placed first in their respective tournaments along with our Overwatch team placing second at the sixth annual Winter GameFest hosted by UCSD.

The Winter GameFest is an annual festival of all things gaming related including: tournaments, cosplaying, and industry panels. Over 2000 people attended this year’s festival and many of our students that competed came out on top.

League of Legends

The League of Legends Blue team after their win at Winter GameFest
The League of Legends Blue team after their win at Winter GameFest. Back row left to right: Peter Brown, Jeffrey Du (Descraton), Jesse Wang (goodphoyou). Front row left to right: Kyle Wilson (Captain Kyru), Kendrick Chen (Frozen Qualia), Evan Phu (Captain Nuke)

Our League of Legends Blue team defeated UCSD in the finals with a score of 2-1. Kendrick Chen, a player on the team recalled that they adjusted their gameplay throughout the match:

“We got cheesed the first game and figured out what was going wrong so we began to adjust for the second game. We felt that our draft picks were really good and we had Tahm Kench as support which was very effective for games 2 and 3.”

Another player on the team, Jeffrey Du, added “we definitely want to give the MVP to our toplaner, Captain Nuke.”

The team is now practicing for their next event at Beachcon this Sunday.


The CS:GO Gold team posing after their victory
The CS:GO Gold team posing after their victory. From left to right: Kevon Nguyen (Jabodey), Alex Ng (ROKURO). James Pirelli (Strawberry), Adrian Sanchez (Spaz), Zhouxing Cai (XinKoiNg). Photo by Phillip Arroyo Long.

The CS:GO Gold team defeated UCSD’s CSL team in the finals. The match was a best of three in which the team went 16-2 on the first map Mirage and 19-17 on the second map Overpass. The captain of the team, James Pirelli was able to give a few afterwords.

“We felt confident going into the match and we want to shout out Zhouxing for bringing us to victory and clutching out the 2nd map,” James said as he pointed to Zhouxing.

The CS:GO Gold team is also planning to compete at Beachcon. “We’re practicing frequently every week to stay on top of our game,” said James.


The Overwatch team finished their tournament in second place after being matched up against UCSD in a best of three.

While we weren’t able to get a picture of the team, Isaac Jimenez expressed how he felt about the team’s overall performance:

“I wasn’t happy about the match. I feel that we can do way better. The thing about our team is that before we were a team of low rank players with good teamwork and communication, but now we’re a team with high rank players that lack the teamwork and communication from before. We’re working together as a team to improve those areas and this requires each and everyone of us to step up our game. I feel that this team has a lot of potential in the future and we can definitely come back to our old undefeated selves.”

With that we would like to acknowledge all of our players for their hard work and success. Winter GameFest was a great feat and UCI eSports will continue to keep an eye out for all of your accomplishments. Congratulations to all of you and keep grinding!