Introducing Your 2018-2019 Scholarship Teams!

by | Dec 21, 2018, 3:00PM PDT

Who are they? Great question, reader. Read on for the who’s who of our League of Legends (LoL) and Overwatch (OW) varsity and junior varsity (JV) teams! (Quick congratulations to Overwatch for BEST ONGOING GAME OF 2018 — The Game Awards.)

Maybe you have heard some of these distinctive gamer handles before or seen them dominating The Rift in LoL. But if you haven’t, we are here to introduce them, starting with our varsity LoL team: 

Evan “Captain Nuke” Phu is our resilient Top Laner;
Avi “Im Avi” Behar roams the Jungle;
Jeffrey “Descraton” Du is our quick-witted Mid Lane;
Youngbin “Youngbin” Chung and Lyubomir “BloodWater” Spasov make up-our powerful Bot Lane duo of AD Carry and Support (respectively).

But wait, there’s more! Substitutes are just as important, as you never know what might happen in the future and prevent someone from being able to play at a given time. Parsa “Frostalicious” Baghai fills in this vital role.

In addition to introducing the varsity team, the League of Legends JV player tryouts and interviews just concluded and we are excited to break the news of our recently completed rosters! Without further ado, please give a big round of internet applause for our new players destined for greatness on the rift.

Andy “Pandy Vo” Vo is our persevering Top Lane;
Jimmy “MultiTasker” Bi stalks the Jungle;
Sean “Zud” Uehara is our quick-thinking Mid Lane;
Rich “Ryuuji” Mo and Ethan “Kim Down” Song combine to form our synergetic Bot Lane of AD Carry and Support (respectively);
James “McLi” Li  is our vital sub whom we rely on in times of need.


Summoners Rift has been swell, but now the cavalry’s here! The only thing bigger than a LoL team is an OW team (5-man teams vs. 6-man teams, get it?). Overwatch varsity team comin’ atcha! Our unstoppable starting lineup for this  year is:

John Nick “Learntooplay” Theodorakis, stalwart Main Tank;
Sebastian “Selectt” Vasquez, adaptive Flex and Support;
Brenden “tildae” Alvarez, divey Off-Tank;
Andy “Genos” Nguyen, dynamic Flex and DPS;
Zuhair “Zeerocious” Taleb, versatile Flex;
Isaac “IzakBirdie” Jimenez, dependable Main Support.

Our steadfast substitutes comprise of: 
Seong “Stadium” Park, strong Main Tank;
Xuanyi “Devilswill” Wang, spontaneous Off-Tank;
Patrick “Pat” Phan, ever adaptive Flex.

Look forward to some great matches and victories from these fast-clicking cyber-athletes! (In case you missed it, we’ve already won the two LA Valiant/SF Shock Overwatch California Cups so far!) You can support UCI Esports in your own sweet gear from The Hill. The world can always use more heroes, and heroes can always use more fans–join us TODAY! Zot! Zot! Zot!