Esports Summer Camps 2018

by | Mar 6, 2018, 12:00PM PDT

We are happy to announce our Youth Summer Camps for 2018! Starting with the Girls’ Summer Camp last year, UCI Esports strives to create fun and educational camps for those interested in learning more about the esports industry and improving their gameplay.

This year, we are expanding our camps to include “elite bootcamps” targeting students interested in pursuing professional-level play, for a total of three camps: Girls in Gaming, Overwatch Bootcamp, and League of Legends Bootcamp.

The Girls in Gaming camp will be extremely similar to our first camp in 2017. We will be joined by guest experts to explore a range of topics from streaming, game development, the competitive scene, and much more. Additionally, the camp will focus on networking and learning from the challenges our speakers have overcome in the currently male-dominated industry.

The two bootcamps will be focused on the games we currently offer scholarships for. Each camp will feature our very own UCI Esports team and support staff in addition to guests from the pro scene. Our goal is to provide helpful resources and the knowledge needed for a competitive gamer to improve their skills and pursue future opportunities.

The Girls in Gaming camp will meet in the UCI Esports Arena from Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm. The new bootcamps are a five-day, five-night program.

We will have more information soon regarding each of our camps, including registration details (curriculum, fees, staff and guests) and applications. If you’d like to be specifically alerted when the content launches, please contact us here.

Edit 3/20/18: Our camps website is now live with more details and application forms!