Mark Deppe



Working closely with student leaders, staff, faculty, and industry partners, Mark is thrilled to lead the way for the first official eSports program at a public research institution. Recognizing the opportunity to build on UCI’s strong gaming culture and take advantage of the massive world of eSports, Mark began developing a vision and plan for the UCI eSports program in 2015.

Since coming to UCI in 2010, Mark has been advising student leaders and coordinating some of UCI’s largest and most successful events including coordinating six consecutive Guinness World Records. He helped create Soulstice – UCI’s premier talent show – and has taken campus traditions like Shocktoberfest to new heights.

Mark has a B.S. in psychobiology from UCLA and recently completed his MBA at Cal State Fullerton Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. In his spare time Mark enjoys playing games with friends, spending time outside, and hanging out with his dogs Booyah and Shazam. He and his wife live in Irvine and welcomed their first child this spring.

Kathy Chiang


Kathy Chiang

Kathy found her way to UC Irvine through her interest in pursuing a career in the gaming industry, suitably majoring in Computer Game Science. She cofounded and led one of the largest gaming clubs in the world, The Association of Gamers at UCI, and dedicated all of her time between classes training officers, planning events, and, of course, playing video games. Her favorites include Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends, and Diablo III. Despite her journey as an undergrad coming to an end, Kathy looks forward to her further contributions to shaping the gaming community, now through UCI eSports as the Arena Coordinator.

Jesse Wang



Since finding his passion for eSports during his sophomore year of high school, Jesse has been committed to bringing eSports to the academic world. Jesse chose to attend UC Irvine over other universities due to it being the perfect school for a gaming community to thrive in, and he has worked hand in hand with eSports Acting Director Mark Deppe to build the UCI eSports program.

A 4th year Informatics Major and president of The Association of Gamers (TAG), UCI's largest gaming club, he has been a fan of video games ever since he got a Game Boy Color. He loves to play and follows a wide variety of eSports titles including League of Legends, CSGO, StarCraft, Hearthstone, Dota2 and Super Smash Bros Melee. In his spare time he enjoys Pho, his favorite food, and Korean eSports/pop culture.

Brandon Phan


Brandon Phan

Since high school, Brandon has enjoyed using social media sites as an outlet for entertainment. Through creative writing, vlogging and comedy he has created an audience for himself in which he hopes to expand in the future. He aspires to have a career in show and sketch writing, journalism, production work and standup. With a growing passion for video game culture, Brandon is excited to collaborate with other visionaries in the eSports community.